March 2023

LingoAce Chinese Online & Blended Learning Program

For P1 - P6 students in 2023

 Our program is designed by an Ex MOE Head of Mother Tongue department with more than 10 years of experience

98% of students showed improvement after at least 3 months of LingoAce. 86% of our students reported and achevied an AL4 or better in 2022. 

Weekend Physical Tutorial

- Small class size

- Small group discussions to break down the steps to answering exam questions before the actual attempt

- Homework done on the spot with teachers' supervision for real-time correction and guidance

- Assess and reinforce prior online learning knowledge

(1.5 Hours)

Weekday Online Lecture

- Acquire and assimilate knowledge in digital smart classroom

- Learn examination skills and techniques for mastering oral, composition, comprehension components

Primary 1 - Primary 3 (55 Minutes)

Primary 4 - Primary 6 (1.5 Hours)

Steadily equip your child with exam skillsets

Receive a detailed and effective diagnosis of the learning challenges and gaps faced by modern learners in non-immersive environments

- Get a breakdown of all answering techniques via a systematic and structured approach that includes structured basics to advanced exam component skill set

Improve child's Chinese grades

In 2022, 98% of students showed improvement after at least 3 months with LingoAce. 

- 3 in 5 student improved at least 1 grade in their results, 86% of the students achieved an AL4 or better.

4th - 5th Mar

11th - 12th Mar

18th - 19th Mar

25th - 26th Mar



111 Somerset Rd, #04-01

 Somerset, Singapore 268134

Experience our unique integration of web-based instructions with face-to-face components

Open House Itinerary

1. Welcome to LingoAce Talk

Introduction to LingoAce's Chinese Learning Programmes

2. Experience Centre

Experience our fun and open interactive class as a family date

3. Fun Workshops

Experience DIY Childhood Games with 4 STATIONS!

4. Proficiency quiz

Get your child to take our specially curated proficiency quiz to understand your child's strengths and weaknesses

5. Collection of goodie bag

Collect a free goodie bag with our LingoAce Learning Materials at the end of the Open House

4th March 2023 

26th March 2023

10am - 12pm ( Primary 1 - Primary 3 )

2pm - 4pm   ( Primary 4 - Primary 6 )




Testimonials from Parents & Students

Enjoy the benefits of LingoAce's

Blended Learning Model

"Thank you for teaching me and helping me. It helped me improve my Chinese and I am confident of doing well for PSLE. I hope that you would continue teaching and helping other students"

Edmund Tan (Student) 

"My little boy enjoyed the Chinese lesson as the teacher was very friendly and the class was very interactive, which make him feel excited to answer questions. Teacher even explained the Chinese meaning in English which helps him to understand it better. Recommended to attend the trial lesson to see how the lesson goes."


"My Chinese teacher looks through my weak points and practices it with me. My teacher makes me feel that Chinese isn't as difficult as I thought, and I usually look forward to her lessons! In my tuition class, everyone is very open, we wouldn't be afraid to ask, and we learn from our mistakes which makes us better in our Chinese"

Natalie Lim (Student) 

"I like the blended learning model as it is not possible to improvement with just 1.5hrs weekly tuition. My daughter loved the 'fastest fingers first'. there is also a chance of lesson replay if she has to revise the lesson. For offline class, the teacher said detailed in marking and shared how my child can improve her composition drafts. We have signed up the program for the rest of P5 and P6 and hope LingoAce continue their good delivery standards. Well done!"


"I can see that my Chinese marks have improved, and I am keen to learn and improve Chinese. I enjoy the games you play with us in class. It is fun and enjoyable, yet we can learn something from it"

Ng Xiang Ting (Student) 

"As a mother, I'm Finding ways to give the best to my kids, especially in their learning needs. However, my girl have not been receptive toward Chinese. LingoAce is having a hybrid learning system, consisting of both online and offline classes, with a duration of 1.5hrs each lesson. This makes learning more flexible, interactive and engaging. Concepts are taught through online learning and reinforced physically through offline lessons. Furthermore, with lessons taking out of the classroom, students will not feel to restrictive about it"



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